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  1.  Session charges will be subject to inflationary increases. These are to be reviewed in March of each year.
  2. All hirers must read and adhere to the Parish Child Protection Policy.
  3. The First Aid kit will be checked before and after hire. Any items missing that are not connected with its  

proper use, and which go unrecorded in the accident book, will be charged for.

  1. Any deliberate damage to the church hall or property within will be charged for.
  2. The use of Bouncy Castles is subject to you (the hirer) obtaining your own insurance against injury or death through the bouncy castle company. Birstall and Wanlip P.C.C. accepts no liability through the use of such equipment
  3. The use of ‘blutac’, adhesive tape, pins etc to fix items to walls/internal finishes is prohibited.
  4. Rubbish is to be placed in the ‘wheelie bins’ marked ‘Church Rooms’ only. If bins are full rubbish must be taken away.
  5. Car Parking: The car park is provided primarily for the congregation attending Church Services. Users of the Hall are welcome to use the car park when not required for Church Services. Please park sensibly so as not to block the access road. The access to the Church Gates must be kept clear at all times.
  6. The toilet facilities in the Hall  are are shared between the Hall and the Church and as such you do not have exclusive right to the toilet facilities. During the period of your booking users of the Church may wish to use the facilities.
  7. Unless previously agreed the Hall must be vacated by 10.30pm.
  8. When leaving please consider the time of day and respect the quietness of the area.
  9. There is no storage available for hirers use.
  10. If for any reason the Management Committee considers that items 2-7 are not adhered to, the contract may be terminated.
  11. For regular sessional bookings in the unlikely event that the church requires the use of the hall for the time of your booking we reserve the right to priority usage, however we will endeavour to avoid clashes where possible and if a clash is unavoidable, to provide at least one complete weeks notice so that you may inform your members.

Care of the Hall and facilities.